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Digital Marketing

7 B2B Digital Marketing Trends You Should Follow in 2022

  • By Dennis McMahon
  • February 4, 2022
7 B2B Digital Marketing Trends You Should Follow in 2022


“New Year, New B2B Digital Marketing Trends”. As we move forward into 2022, the latest B2B digital marketing strategies are already unfolding before our eyes. And if your organization is willing to wager it all on Facebook and print ads in trade publications, then you might as well throw in the towel because your competitors are coming for you. 

On the other hand, if you are reading this article, you are already off to a good start! The path to marketing excellence begins with a keen understanding of the latest trends and how you can apply them to propel your business forward in the new year. Below is a look at seven B2B digital marketing trends you should follow in 2022 and tips for choosing the strategies that will help your business thrive.




1. Video Marketing

Video Marketing continues to gain traction in the B2B world, with over 90 percent of marketers reporting that it is essential to their company’s success. Given the fact that 82 percent of internet traffic is expected to be online videos in 2022, this statistic is not surprising. 

You can ramp up your focus on video marketing by tailoring your content to meet the needs of your prospects. For example, you can feature more product videos, online training, video podcasts, and video tours of your corporate facilities. When the time comes to review your campaign, double down on the types of videos that yield the most views and generate the most activity.


2. Influencer Marketing

If influencer marketing is not currently a part of your marketing and advertising plans for the new year, you may want to think about adjusting your strategy. When an industry expert or well-respected celebrity vouches for your company or raves about your latest new product, your odds of securing new leads skyrocket. 

Influencer marketing can take many forms in the B2B world. Depending on the nature of your business, you can incorporate one or more of the following tactics into your B2B digital marketing strategy:

  • Sponsored content from an industry influencer
  • Reviews of your product or service by an influencer
  • Testimonials in the form of quotes, images, or ads
  • Collaborative events with influencers


3. Chatbots

HyFyve Chatbot Image

Chatbots continue to transform the business landscape, bridging the B2B gap in unimaginable ways. Your prospects are savvy consumers, doing their homework and seeking out the answers they want to hear. They also have high expectations, with many expecting 24/7 service, fast and helpful content, and a personalized experience. Today’s most sophisticated chatbots meet all of these demands, giving a serious edge to the businesses that invest in them.


4. Retention Marketing

Marketing research indicates that it costs businesses five times more to attract new customers than it does to nurture their existing ones. And considering that increasing your retention by just 5 percent can boost your profits by up to 95 percent, you would think that retention marketing would be the cornerstone of every B2B digital marketing plan. 

Believe it or not, most businesses continue to focus more heavily on customer acquisition than they do on customer retention. This leaves the door wide open for businesses to invest in the following retention marketing activities in 2022. Here are a few examples to explore:

  • Client appreciation events
  • Frequent personalized communication
  • Special tiered pricing for top buyers


5. Use Of Artificial Intelligence

HyFyve Artificial Intelligence Image

Of all the latest B2B digital marketing trends, Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) can quickly become the most powerful tool in your quiver. When properly used, it can enhance your organization’s lead generation and lead quality.

Given the level of complexity and cost associated with AI Marketing, it’s wise to seek the guidance of a professional agency with a wealth of B2B marketing resources. An experienced digital marketing specialist will know how to properly analyze your data points and help you capitalize on automation features to attract higher-quality leads.


6. Content Marketing

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled, “Content Is King”. More than 25 years later, content is still king of the digital marketing world. Industry experts and survey data point to two simple reasons why high-quality content marketing is so critical:

    1. People like content
    2. Google likes content

As long as these two realities remain unchanged, content marketing should continue to be an integral part of your brand strategy. But, as you invest in your content marketing, remember not all content is created equal. And poor quality content can do more harm than good to your marketing efforts.


7. Voice Marketing

Gone are the days when voice devices were used exclusively for To-Do lists, notes, and directions. Voice marketing has infiltrated the B2B world, with voice marketing tools like Salesforce’s Einstein Voice, Google Duplex, and SAP’s Business By Design becoming commonplace.

With nearly half of all consumers now using voice searches to complete a purchase, it’s time to give your company a voice in 2022 by optimizing your site content for voice search. You can do this by using conversational language and taking steps to improve the mobile user experience since most searches will be conducted with mobile devices.


What is the Key to B2B Digital Marketing Success in 2022?

There are many exciting trends to follow in 2022. But deciding which strategies your business should adopt is not always easy. The secret to achieving marketing success in 2022 is to seek the expertise of a full-service digital marketing agency. With the help of an industry expert, you can rest easier knowing an experienced professional is paying close attention to the latest trends and focusing on those tactics which serve you best.

If you’re ready to step up your digital marketing game, then schedule a complimentary consultation with the pros at HyFyve. Our mission is to arm you with a customized B2B brand strategy that will help you become a leader in your industry.

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