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Everyone Loves a Good Story.

Our Story

High up in the Rocky Mountains, just below the cosmos, a new type of marketing agency took form in 2014. The vision was to form an independent yet collaborative team, driven by helping organizations go big and rocket forward. With the vastness of today’s marketing landscape and the dawn of the freelance economy rising, we recognized a revolution was brewing. We set the stage and aligned the stars to match talent with technique, and from it all HyFyve Branding & Marketing was born.

What We Do

  • Help you develop a consistent way to look and sound as amazing as you truly are

  • Take the worry and confusion out of marketing by listening to your needs, making a plan, and managing your priorities

  • Give you the tools to become the industry-leading organization that you set out to create

How We Do It

HyFyve is reliable, attentive, resourceful, and empathetic in everything we do.


If your branding or website fails to create new opportunities, you may be too reliant on the same old tricks. When it’s time to harness the power of your product or service and take your marketing full speed ahead, seek out a proven guide for the journey. It’s time to discover your perfect brand and reignite the fire you had when it all began. You’ve worked too hard to settle for “okay,” let’s dream big and shoot for the stars.


Tell us all about your vision, your strengths, and what your hero customers seek. We’ll listen closely, process every detail, and then generate a collective consciousness across your organization. If your team has ever felt stuck describing why you’re extraordinary, let’s equip them with the words to impress new prospects. Stellar branding inspires the masses to take action, and it all begins with you.


Marketing today is as vast and mysterious as the cosmos. With so many media villains trying to kidnap your dollars, you need an ally, a trusted guide who will protect you from the distractions. New followers await you: Let’s run recon on the competition and lead their customers to your front door. We see the Big Picture, and will pursue opportunities that put you light-years ahead.


Effective marketing transcends current reality, it triggers emotions and evokes action. In order to harness its true power we must embody our prospects. The deeper we feel for our audience, the more profound the results. Only then can we appeal to their hearts and affect behavior. Like a true Jedi, when your actions are rooted in the forces of good, great things will come your way.

Why We Do It

  • We love to decode complex business problems with design and branding

  • Creating lasting relationships with visionaries will be our legacy

  • Helping our clients reach new heights is the ultimate reward

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