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Everyone Loves a Good Story.

Our Story

High up in the Rocky Mountains a new type of marketing agency took form in 2014. The vision was to create an independent yet collaborative team, driven by a desire to help do-gooder organizations do more good. With the expanding media landscape and the freelance economy rising, we recognized a revolution was upon us. We aligned the stars to match talent with technique and from it all HyFyve born.

What We Do

  • We bring consistency so you always look and sound as amazing as you truly are

  • We take the confusion out of marketing by listening closely, making a plan and managing priorities

  • We give you the tools to become the leading organization that you set out to create

How We Do It

HyFyve is reliable, attentive, resourceful, and empathetic in everything we do.


If your branding or website fails to create new opportunities, it may be time for a change. When you’re ready to take your marketing full speed ahead, seek out a proven guide for the journey. Rediscover your brand and rekindle the fire you had when it all began. We have the process, people and creativity to level-up your game.


Tell us all about your vision, your strengths and what your audience seeks. We’ll listen closely, process every detail and bring cohesion to your organization. If you’ve ever a wanted a succinct elevator pitch, we can help define your “Why”. Stellar branding inspires people to take action, let’s get them rallying around you.


Marketing today is vast and mysterious. With so many media villains trying to grab your dollars, you need an ally to protect you from the distractions. Let’s appeal to those you seek in the spaces they frequent, that way we can get more engagement without wasting resources.


Effective marketing elicits emotions and incites action by building personal connections. The more we understand and empathize with our audience, the more we can appeal to their hearts and affect behavior. No tricks, no lies: When your actions serve the greater good, incredible things will come your way.

Why We Do It

  • We love to decode complex problems with design and branding

  • We want to form lasting relationships with other visionaries

  • Seeing our customers and partners succeed is the ultimate reward

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