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Measure Twice. Cut Once.

Rich Staats

Lead Developer

I’ve been slingin’ the 0’s and 1’s since 2010 and if I have a professional super power, it’s likely somewhere at the intersection of design and development. I find myself more attracted to the creative side, but wayyyy more effective writing code.

My Favorite Things

  • Poker Math
  • Learning New Things
  • Building Systems
  • Frankie Stinkman
“When you walk with purpose you collide with opportunity.” Bertice Berry Author / Sociologist

My Favorite Causes

Believing that good will ultimately prevail is the first step in making a difference. But, to truly have a lasting impact, we must take action. Here are some of the noble organizations that I energetically support:

  • Open Source Software

  • MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

  • The Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group

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