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Always Playing Clean.

Daniel Edwards

Senior Graphic Designer

Greetings! I’ve been designing since ‘05 and have lead countless projects across all types of media. You name it, I’ve done it: from web to mobile, print to branding, and everything in between. For me, every project is a collaboration that demands strong communication and honest feedback. Being efficient, supportive, and professional, is the name of my game.

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My Favorite Things

  • Travel
  • Pinball
  • Typography
  • Board Game Night
“There are no others.” Ramana Maharshi Sage / Guru / Enlightened Being

My Favorite Causes

Believing that good will ultimately prevail is the first step in making a difference. But, to truly have a lasting impact, we must take action. Here are some of the noble organizations that I energetically support:

  • Planned Parenthood

  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  • ACLU

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