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Hello, Lady Analytics.

Dannelly Ramos

Analytics Developer / Data Insider

I am a creator, optimizer, and analyst. I begin a project by asking, “What do I currently understand?” From there, I dig into the data and begin connecting the seemingly disparate pieces. My end goal is always the same, I’m going to bridge the gap between business owners and their analytics. #analyzewithpower

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My Favorite Things

  • Family & Framily
  • Learning & Teaching
  • Serving Others
““Use every opportunity of humbling yourself before your fellow-men as a help to abide humble before God.”” Andrew Murray Author

My Favorite Causes

Believing that good will ultimately prevail is the first step in making a difference. But, to truly have a lasting impact, we must take action. Here are some of the noble organizations that I energetically support:

  • Tools4School

  • Be The Match

  • Gift of Adoption

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