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Struggle Defines Success.

Evan Eves

Project Manager

As a self proclaimed Swiss Army knife, I have the tools and versatility to adapt, innovate, and consistently deliver results. Send me your tedious tasks, pieces and parts, and we’ll build something great together. When I’m not seeking fresh pow in the backcountry, I’m here to help your organization amplify your message, streamline operations, and jumpstart marketing efforts.

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My Favorite Things

  • Extra Pockets
  • Big Storms
  • Loamy Berms
  • Beef Jerky
“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle Actor, Comedian

My Favorite Causes

Believing that good will ultimately prevail is the first step in making a difference. But, to truly have a lasting impact, we must take action. Here are some of the noble organizations that I energetically support:

  • AIARE (American Avalanche Association)

  • Vail International Hockey

  • Swift Eagle Charitable Foundation

  • POW (Protect Our Winters)

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